Why You Should Consider Silk Top Lace Wigs

UniWigs Silk Top Lace Wigs offers a true like skin tone experience, detaining all the benefits of mono and lace construction. Constructed by a special technique that allows the exquisite look to perfectly blend, making it hard to distinguish from your own skin.

What is a Silk Top Lace Wig?
The silk top consists of a layer of lace, and silk fabric on the top front of the cap. When the hair is knotted, the knots are below the silk concealed between the layers, the hair is then injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp. There is no other ventilation technique that creates a more flawless appearance than hidden knots on a silk top, you don’t need to bleach the knots, you don’t need to worry about any other techniques to make the knots invisible or less visible.
You can see the skin top is super natural and the hair is just like growing on your head with hair knots invisible to everyone.
So if you are looking for the most realistic lace wigs, UniWigs Silk Top Collection will satisfy you!

Why Should Sew On Full lace Wig

As we know, the popularity of the full lace wig is continuing to grow, if you didn’t already know, the most secure way to wear your lace wig longer is to sew it on, we list 4 following top reasons for you.
31.It is less damaging to your hairline if you don’t know how to apply and remove lace wig adhesives. It will protect your real hair from the elements while the extension hair absorbs daily wear and tear.
2. It looks more natural and it feels more like your own hair because its securely on your head for a longer period of time.
3. It’s usually the cheapest option. In some cases, it can be much less expensive than other types of weaves and wig installs since it is a long-term choice.
4. You’re able to experiment and style your full lace wig in different ways, for example, straight one day, curly the next day. So, it save your money on chemicals and perms and avoid damaging your own hair.
So do you think sew on is a good option? Use this method when you apply your full lace wig, you will find your lace wig last longer. By the way, you can find a variety of full lace wigs on uniwigs.com.

Full Lace Wig VS 360 Lace Frontal Wig-Which Option Is Best For You?

As we know, more and more women are wearing wigs now, they regard wigs as their best fashion accessory, because wigs will make them more charming. So how to find the best wig which is suitable for you? Today we are going to show you the difference between full lace wigs and lace frontal wigs, you can make a choice after reading the following.
Full lace wigs come with a base that is made entirely of lace. The lace material essentially covers the whole head even all the way to the back. The full lace wig’s cap is 100% full hand-knotted, natural and comfortable, because of this, full lace wigs are more versatile because you can also style them into up-dos, braids, and many other hairstyle that are not possible with a front lace wig such as a high ponytail. In conclusion, full lace wigs just give you more natural flexibility.

With 360 Lace frontal wigs, there is lace in the front edges of the piece and these are cut off just before being placed on your head, so it looks like it is a natural hair line. This is one of the great features of this wig. Another big advantage of 360 lace frontal wigs is it comes with an adjustment band, so you can easily adjust the 360 lace frontal wig to your head size.

So have you recognized the full lace wigs and 360 lace frontal wigs? You can find more options at uniwigs.com, come and choose best option for you.

How To Take Care Of A Full Lace Wig Properly

“Full Lace Wigs” are lace wigs which are designed with the entire wig cap being made from lace as well as lace all around the perimeter of the wig. Full lace wigs allow you to wear your hair in high updos and ponytails. Upon applying & adhering the lace wig, a flawless, natural and undetectable hairline is created.
UniWigs full lace wigs are made with top quality remy human hair which is long lasting and more durable. 100% hand-tied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is parted, and imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair.
1Since a full lace wig looks great while being worn, it’s important to learn how to take proper care of it so that it will stay in great condition.Below are some tips for you.
Keep it away from extreme heat
Like all hair, exposing any hair locks to extreme heat will only damage the ends and dry out your cuticles.Obviously don’t place your wig near a fire, heat vent, or anywhere else where it may be damaged from heat over time. When you are wearing your wig don’t expose your locks to heat for a long time either. This means don’t sit close to a fire and definitely do not use a hair dryer on your lace wig. It will dry out your hair and cause damage which it’s hard to repair.
Gently comb it out
With full lace wigs, you need to be extra careful when combing out the hair on the wig. Even though the hair is pretty secure in the lace base, it’s still important to be cautious. In order to prevent any hair from getting loose, you’ll want to start brushing the hair from the ends to the top, without getting too close to the lace base.
Use a spray bottle with warm water to wash it
Place your wig in cool water and while you’re doing this, you will need to spray the wig with the shampoo and warm water combination.Then use the shampoo throughout the wig and use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair.

Curly Wigs for African American

There are different types of curly wigs on UniWigs.com, such as Jerry curl, loose curly wigs,natural long and short curly wigs. You can find some you like to change your daily look. :) Now I recommend some hot sale curly wigs for you.
1.Jerry Curl Remy Human Hair Silk Top Glueless Full Lace Wig


We provide the most realistic scalp,the hair is injected through the silk material making the knots 100% invisible giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your scalp.They are virtually undetectable and can be worn in a variety of styles including a high ponytailor updo.
What calls for special attention is that the wig length should be measured from the hair root to the end for any strand of hairs. For instance, if you order a 12″ wig, it will be always around 12″ for any strand of hair from the root to end.
2.Loose Curl Remy Human Hair Silk Top Glueless Full Lace Wig


You can re-style the wig just like regular hair, perm it,dye it etc.We highly recommend having your wig customized by a professional salon to achieve your desired look as human hair can be easily trimmed and styled.One more important thing you need pay attention is that the lace front is a delicate material and should be handled with care.
Customer comment below:
So after purchasing a few of these units, wearing them for a couple of months, and tossing them (because I wasn’t going to be bothered with the meticulous process of washing a curly wig) I stumbled upon a you tube video of how to flat iron a curly girl. It’s simple, really… spray a section with water, comb with a paddle brush, then run the flat iron through a few times (of course at a temp less than 300 degrees). I tried it on this one and LOVE the result… It’s very straight, but with enough texture and fullness that’s it’s still convincing.
3.Upgrade Afro Curl Human Hair Lace Wig
The lace front wig is similar to the full lace wig, except it has lace from the front to back about 3 inches which gives you a natural front hairline. Wefts are sewn onto the stretch cap from the crown down which allows you to pull the hair up in a ponytail.


Customer comment below:
I ordered the afro curl front lace wig from UniWigs online website. Before I ordered the wig I wasn't too sure on the color.I contacted their customer service department to get further input before purchasing. Everything that I expected from reading previous reviews were exactly as indicated. The wig color was perfect! Although, I ordered the large cap size 23” I should had ordered the medium cap size which was 22”.It was a little larger than expected but I was able to adjust the back to fit tighter around the head. I followed the suggestion of two earlier reviewers that the wig cap runs small.However, I didn’t find that to be so. I have received so many compliments and the wig is so natural looking.

So are you searching for a curly wig? You can find more from UniWigs.

We are offering free shipping with your purchase over $69. Don’t miss it.

Full lace wigs UK

England is the second large place among our customers’ country. If you are a British and want a full lace wig in UK, just google for full lace wigs near me, you can find more choices to chosen from. But we all know that buy wigs in the local store is really expensive for most of us, even for 100% real human hair wigs. So buy full lace wigs UK online maybe a good choice, they are usually cheaper than the local store, also there are many coupon code websites can be found online.

full lace wigs uk
full lace wigs uk

No matter you want full lace wigs for caucasian or black women, you can always find one in UniWigs.com that is really much cheaper than your local store.

If you want blonde wigs — Nicki Minaj Hair Inspiration

Nicki Minaj hair will never out of date if you are a wigs wearer, you will know this. No matter you want a Nicki Minaj curly hair or blonde hair, you really should have a look at this wigs before you decide which Nicki Minaj wigs TO BUY.

nicki minaj wigs
nicki minaj wigs
nicki minaj hair
nicki minaj hair
nicki minaj blonde hair
nicki minaj blonde hair

I am a hug fan of Nikki Minaj!! The hair is so perfect just like Nikki!!! — said by @elenagenevinne

I have been wearing wigs for many years and I would have to say this is one of the greatest wig constructions I’ve seen in awhile. The unit lies flat and looks completely natrual. There is no shedding or tangling. — said by @Angela90

Where to buy full lace wigs?

UniWigs full lace wig’s cap is 100% full hand – knotted, natural and comfortable, full lace wigs can be worn in high ponytail and parted in any direction. Full lace wigs with human hair baby hair allow a natural hairline and a luxurious finish. The uniform mold, the size and the head curvature are built to meet the need of each individual.

full lace wigs 01
full lace wigs 01

So if you want to buy a 100% real human hair full lace wigs, check UniWigs.com. Even glueless full lace cap and lace front cap can be found in our website.

full lace wigs 02
full lace wigs 02

UniWigs 30″ inch hair reviews

How long hair do you want? How long hair do you have ever? Have you thought about buy a 30″ inch wigs? Here is my review about 30″ inch hair review from UniWigs.

These are some pictures for this 30″ inch hair:

how to make weaves into a wig
how to make weaves into a wig
how to make weaves into a wig 01
how to make weaves into a wig 01
how to make weaves into a wig 02
how to make weaves into a wig 02

About this wigs:

Direct link to the Bundles: https://goo.gl/LhbaBC
Direct link to the Frontal: https://goo.gl/k9GkPO
Brand: UniWigs
Bundles SKU: W034-UniAli-B
Length: 30″- 3pcs
Frontal SKU: L024-UniAli-B
Frontal Size: 13×4 lace frontal
Length: 20″
Hair Part: Free
Color: Natural Black
Texture: Loose Wave
Coupon: KEI10
UniWigs Weft&Closure Collection: https://goo.gl/RnYyPt

How I Define Curls On My Curly Human Hair Wigs

Direct link to the wig: https://goo.gl/pG4stv
SKU: AA0002
Length: 18″
Cap: Lace Front
Cap Size: Average 22″
Density: 150%
Color: Natural black
Coupon Code: Lasean10
UniWigs Human Hair Wigs collection: https://goo.gl/iS19Bz

uniwigs customer show
uniwigs customer show

Thanks for Lovely Lasean‘s share on her Youtube channel, she also make a wig review video, if you have interesting, check it by click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvLw32tW7kk

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